Elizabeth Olsen is Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2

Avengers The Age of Ultron is coming together for an early 2014 shoot, and there’s been much speculation as to who would play one of the most crucial characters, Scarlet Witch. Now it’s pretty much confirmed the role will be played by Elizabeth Olsen.

Samuel L Jackson broke the news in the Wall Street Journal, telling them, “I don’t think we begin shooting before March of next year. I know we’re shooting in London, James Spader is Ultron, and we added Ms. Olsen, but I don’t know what she’d oing, if she’s on the inside or outside. I haven’t seen a script.”

Yes, on big, blockbuster movies like this, even the big stars don’t get to look at the script until fairly late in the game to prevent the screenplay from leaking. But for those who are Marvel challenged, The Scarlet Witch is Magneto’s daughter, and her twin sister is Quicksilver. Apparently Quicksilver will also appear in Ultron, along with X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is coming May 24, 2013. 

Variety tells us that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is up to play Quicksilver in Ultron. There’s no official word from Marvel about Olsen being in Ultron, but we’d be willing to bet it’s a done deal. Olsen also stars in the new model Godzilla, which will be coming out on May 16, 2014. We never could have imagined a member of the Olsen family would ever become a genre queen, but apparently that’s exactly what’s happening.