Hunger Games Catching Fire is On Fire in Ticket Pre-Sales

The second Hunger Games installment, Catching Fire, is well over a month and a half away from release on November 22. But you can get your tickets early, and according to several reports it’s already doing big business nearly two months in advance.

According to the Wrap, advance ticket sales went on sale on October 1, and it was 70% of business on Fandango that day. It also reportedly outsold all current movies in release by an 8-1 margin. In addition, The Wrap tells us that Catching Fire is “outpacing pre-sales of all previous wide releases 50 days before release.” On, Catching Fire advance ticket sales have accounted for 52% of all business on the site on Wednesday.


According to the box office pundits, the next installment of Hunger Games will in all likelihood be bigger than the first installment, which made $152 million opening weekend, and pulled in $690 million world-wide. 

After Catching Fire, the last installment of The Hunger Games, Mockingjay, will be split into two parts. Part one will come out on November 21, 2014, and part two will come out on November 20, 2015.