World of Warcraft Movie Has a Release Date

It looks like things are moving forward pretty quickly on the World of Warcraft movie, which will be directed by Duncan Jones (Source Code). We’ve also reported on TGDaily that Colin Farrell and Paula Patton are currently in the running for the lead roles in the WoW movie. 

Variety reports that the WoW movie will now be coming on December 18, 2015, and if Star Wars comes out on Christmas, instead of its usual Memorial Day spot, WoW could end up going head to head with the most anticipated movie of the year. At least WoW won’t be coming out in the summer, where it would go up against Avengers 2 and Batman Vs Superman.

The Hollywood Reporter reminds us that there are currently over seven million people playing WoW all over the globe, “making it the most popular game of its type in the world.” So there’s no doubt WoW will have a huge built in audience, and if the movie turns out well, it could crossover to all kinds of audiences, not just gamers and fantasy fans. 

In addition to Colin Farrell and Paula Patton, Paul Dano, Anton Yelchin, Travis Fimmel and Anson Mount are all up for roles as well. 

It’s great to see that Universal is throwing down the gauntlet with the first major league serious attempt at a video game movie, and if it winds up good enough to stand toe to toe with Star Wars and Avengers 2, we can’t wait to see it.