Hollywood’s Hot New Armored Cars

Remember years ago when the big status symbol in Hollywood was a Hummer? Then the damn environmentalists got down on everyone who had one because it guzzled so much gas.

Certain cars will always be status symbols to the rich and famous, and a lot of times in Hollywood when people get their first money, they’ll get a car collection, and house it at an airplane hangar. Now the Hollywood Reporter tells us the hottest car in Hollywood is practically something out of a sci-fi movie. Think of the Road Warrior tearing across the desert in a bullet-proof vehicle that can electrify people.

Stars now want armored cars that are also electrified to zap approaching enemies, like the paparazzi. The Reporter mentioned the Prombron Iron Diamond, a car that is armored, and is manufactured by Dartz Motorz Co. Apparently Kanye West just bought two of them, costing him $2.4 million, and a member of the Knicks has an armored truck that cost him $450,000. 

This report also tells us that Mercedes, BMW and Bentley make armored cars as well. (The BMW 7 Series High Security can protect you from armor-piercing bullets.) There’s a company called Texas Armoring that can modify your car with armored protection, and also set up a shock system that can zap carjackers and the paparazzi. It takes two to three months to convert your car, and your car won’t look any different after the mods are done. (The other armored cars looks more like Hummer / Tank hybrids.) 

Yes, this may seem paranoid to us regular folks out there, but there’s security experts who’ve made a lot of money off the fears of the rich and famous. As a source at Texas Armoring told the Reporter, people are getting scared of “the growing gap between the haves and the have-nots,” and for those who never have to worry about losing their 1% status, we guess you have to go to whatever lengths you can to protect your status symbols.