The Last Episode of Dexter Leaves Fans Far From Satisfied

Why is it so many shows end on such a bad note? Remember how terrible the ending of Seinfeld was? How about Cheers? St Elsewhere? And what about one of the absolute worst, and most frustrating, series endings ever, The Sopranos? Not to mention the shows we loved that went downhill, and never returned to their once great standards, like L.A. Law? 

We will not spoil the ending of Dexter if you haven’t seen it, but people are definitely not happy. Fans and TV pundits have taken to the net to voice their displeasure, even though the last show got a record 2.8 million viewers, according to the New York Daily News. 

Vulture headlined their report “A Terrible End,” and writer Richard Rys indeed felt anger at the end of the show. “It’s the kind of anger you feel after investing so much into a show that you once loved, only to watch it fizzle out in the most unsatisfying of ways.” Some of the tweets reprinted in the L.A. Times from irate viewers include, “Thanks for wasting 5 years on my life [sic],” and “I can’t believe a show that started so well could end so stupidly.” Uproxx also headlined their report, “Is Dexter the new Worst. Series. Finale. Ever?” 

A terrible ending to a movie or a TV series can definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth, but it’s important to keep in mind is whether the scales of a show balance out. Was a show more good than bad? It’s very important to remember that Dexter definitely had a great run over eight seasons, even if it didn’t end so well.