Could Big Ass Spider! Be the Next Giant Monster Hit?

The whole Sharknado phenomenon that happened earlier this year was really hilarious. It’s amazing that a silly, low budget movie on the Syfy Channel could become a Twitter phenomenon, and a household joke, overnight. It also brought back the era of giant animal and insect movies that had been going since the ‘50’s.

So now we’re reading about Big Ass Spider!, which is about, you guessed it, a big ass spider that’s threatening to engulf the world. It’s apparently supposed to be funny on purpose, and it’s obviously trying to ride the Sharknado coattails. 


As Giant Freakin Robot writes, “Everything about this film just screams awesomely cheesy self-aware goodness,” but with much better production value. The self-aware part is good too, because how seriously can you take a giant spider, especially after the disaster of Will Smith’s Wild Wild West?

With all the giant animal run amok movies we’ve had throughout history, we haven’t had a deadly spider film that’s delivered in god knows how long. We’re definitely overdue, and if Big Ass Spider! Is going to be a hoot and a holler when it comes out this October, we’re all for it.