New RoboCop BETTER Than the Original?

We’d like to preface this story by saying we don’t personally believe it, and it could have been floated out there by the studio in the hopes of turning fanboy hate around. That said, let’s continue…

A lot of fanboys out there are not happy about RoboCop being remade. Even the original Cop villain, Ronny Cox, denounced the Cop and Total Recall reboots, essentially telling the press if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. (We certainly agree on this point.) 

Still, we checked out the new RoboCop trailer, it looks pretty good all things considered, and we’re keeping an open mind. But BETTER than the original? We’re not so sure about that.

Giant Freakin Robot tells us that a source at Comic Book Movie has seen an unfinished version, and as many fans have realized, it doesn’t have the comedic value of the first movie, nor is it as insanely violent as the original either. Yet, as this source claims, “It won’t replace the 1989 film, and GUESS WHAT: It doesn’t try to. It’s a new interpretation of the character that is faithful to the essence of what the original concept was.” 



And yes, this source claims he likes it better than the original, calling it, in all caps, “a SUPERIOR movie,” but like we always like to warn the loyal TGD readers, take all this stuff with a grain of salt. With a lot of rumors, you don’t know who started them in the first place, and what kind of agenda is behind them. (Don’t forget, Deadline tried in vain to convince us that Battleship was going to be the big blockbuster of the summer, and we saw what happened there.)

Look for the new RoboCop on February 7, 2014.