World of Warcraft Movie Coming Together, Possibly With Colin Farrell in the Lead

The video game market has been bouncing back, big time, and with its strong return, we’ve been hoping there could be a good video game movie one of these days. Not only are Ubisoft developing a series of game movie adaptations in house, but the World of Warcraft movie is also swiftly coming together, with Colin Farrell in the lead.

A World of Warcraft movie has been in the works for years now, first with Sam Raimi directing, and now with Duncan Jones (Source Code) is at the helm. Deadline reports that Colin Farrell is up for the lead, and that Paul Dano, Travis Fimmel, Anson Mount and Anton Yelchin are on the “short list” for the cast. 

If Farrel takes on Warcraft, the female lead should be Paula Patton. Deadline reports that Duncan Jones is currently testing actors, and production will begin in January. WoW is with Legendary Pictures, the same company who gave us the Christian Bale Batmans, and they are now set up at Universal, which will probably release the WoW movie. 

So while there’s no guarantees that the next wave of video game movies could be good, we’re indeed hoping that WoW could help turn things around. There’s a good team onboard for it, and we figure it’s got a better chance than most.