Happy Birthday Stephen King

As a little kid growing up in the ‘70’s, I can remember seeing TV commercials for Stephen King’s novels, when he was starting to become “a brand.” You bought a Stephen King novel, you knew what you were going to get.

Today King is one of the “mega authors,” one of the elite whose work makes untold millions of dollars. There are maybe only ten mega authors in the world, and we at TGD think it’s great that King is one of them, because guys like him help keep the book business, and storytelling, alive. 

King celebrated his 66th birthday on September 21, and he has, surprise, another book, Doctor Sleep, his long awaited sequel to The Shining, coming out on the 24th. King also has one of the hottest shows on TV, the series adaptation of Under the Dome. One day, there might also be an epic adaptation of The Dark Tower, which Ron Howard should be directing. (Even though Universal and Warner Brothers both turned it down, Howard refuses to let hope die on this one.)

This is just a fraction of what King has going on. A staunch workaholic, King has always written every day, and his hard work has clearly paid off in spades. This should continue to inspire writers everywhere, and it certainly continues to encourage me. So happy 66th Stephen, hope you make it to 666.