How Joss Whedon Saved the Day with Thor: The Dark World

When you’re a big time script doctor, it’s your job to come in and save the day when a movie’s in trouble. Only the top screenwriters in Hollywood get the chance to save a movie, and make $100 – 200,000 a week in doing so.

Joss Whedon has done a lot of uncredited script doctor work – several films he’s worked on behind the scenes include Speed, Waterworld, and Toy Story – and according to Collider, he was called in to pitch hit on Thor the Dark World. Whedon has a two-year deal with Marvel, and in addition to writing and directing Avengers 2, and making S.H.I.E.L.D. happen, he’s also severing as a consultant on various Marvel projects in development. 

As Collider tells us, Thor: The Dark World, had to go back for reshoots, putting more Loki into the movie, and Whedon was brought in to work on three scenes in the movie. Thor director Alan Taylor said, “Joss came in to save our lives a couple of times. We had a major scene that was not working on the page at all, and he basically got airlifted in, like a SWAT team or something. He came down, rewrote the scene, and before he got back to his plane I sort of grabbed him and said, ‘Wnad this scene and this scene?’ And he rewrote tow other scenes that I thought had problems.” 

Whedon took off, the scenes were shot, and as Taylor raves, “They were just much better and much ligher on their feet. Much more fun, much more surprising than what we had been trying to do. Being able to land and solve a problem quickly, I really was grateful.” Definitely nice work if you can get it.