Stallone vs. De Niro: geezer smackdown trailer proves HGH works

Come on, geezers! Sylvester Stallone has cornered the market on wishful thinking for the olds. This trailer for Grudge Match has Rocky going up against Raging Bull. These guys are on the wrong side of 60, which is the new 30 apparently. Meaning that these guys are going to live to be 140 and we can look forward to Depends fights in the dining room of the seniors facility (that’s a movie treatment I am working on right now).

After this trailer, check out some real masters fighting. I am at a loss for words. My grandpa used to spit out melon seeds when he was in his 60s:

Sagat Phom-ta-wee, 56 years old, is in the black trunks. He is a master of Muay Thai. In the red trunks is Phut Lor-Lhek, 60 years old, another Muay Thai legend who fought over a 100 times in the 80s. Both were monster fighters in their time and kicked real ass. In this clip, they are way younger than Stallone and De Niro in real life. Yay for elder abuse: