Will the Next Terminator Be a Prequel?

We’re not nuts about the prospect of a new Terminator movie here at TGD. Without James Cameron at the helm, the franchise is just not going to be up to its previous standards. And if Schwarzenegger comes back, who wants to see a Terminator pushing 70?

So now there’s a story on Giant Freakin Robot that Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn may return for the next Terminator, which is currently scheduled for June 26, 2015. (Larry Ellison’s kids, David and Megan, currently own the Terminator rights and are producing the next installment.) 

Now as we all know, Biehn, who played Reese, was killed in the first movie, but Robot speculates that this Terminator could exist in an “alternate reality” like the JJ Abrams Star Trek. There’s also speculation they’ll come back in cameos, like Nimoy in the 2009 Trek. 

Then again, time travel is a big part of the Terminator story, and maybe it can zip back and forth a bunch of times. Robot reported a rumor that the next Terminator could be a prequel that takes place back in the ‘40’s or ‘50’s. As odd as that sounds, it would be Sarah Connor’s parents targeted for termination. 

So who knows at this point what the next Terminator is, or who could be in it. Let’s hope it could actually be a good movie instead of just another attempt to squeeze the last drops of juice out of the turnip.