No Cell Phone Policy at the Movies Gets Ridiculous

There’s always going to be people out there who don’t understand that you should only call 911 for a real emergency. Situations like your cable going out, and having bad diarrhea, don’t count. 

You’ve probably heard about revival theaters having a pretty serious anti-cell phone / texting policy, and you certainly don’t want to deal with that sh*t when watching a movie. But is calling 911 because somebody’s using their cell during a movie really necessary? 

As Deadline tells us, this act of genius happened at the Toronto Film Festival, where a Ti West horror film, The Sacrament, was being screened. A blogger named Alex Billington complained that somebody was filming the movie with his cell phone, and when nobody did anything about it, he called 911 to report the movie was being pirated. (The operator laughed at him.) 

I’m a huge movie freak who also hates cell phones as much as anyone else, but please keep 911 clear for real emergencies. This doesn’t give you any real movie geek cred, it just makes you look like a schmuck, mmkaay?