Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Moving to 2016

Do we really need another Pirates of the Caribbean movie? A critic even joked that The Lone Ranger was essentially another Pirates flick, just in the West this time. But apparently there will indeed be another Pirates, just not as originally planned.

This is surprising news to us at TGD, because with The Lone Ranger, the Pirates team of Johnny Depp, director Gore Verbinski, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, all took a big hit. It certainly damaged Johnny’s star power, and one report even claimed that Jerry and Gore could lose their final cut power on the next Pirates.

Still, this being Hollywood, there will apparently be a fifth Pirates movie, I actually lost count by this point, but as the Hollywood Reporter tells us, it is now tentatively scheduled for 2016 instead of its former ETA, 2015. The next Pirates was supposed to shoot in March for a summer 2015 release, but that summer’s going to be pretty busy with Avengers 2, Batman Vs Superman, Ant-Man, and Star Wars, which may actually have a Christmas release. 

Bruckheimer told the Reporter that script issues are the holdup, and he wants to get moving soon, but again, does the world really need another Pirates? Will a fifth movie wrap it all up nicely, and be the sequel that puts Empire Strikes Back to shame? Doubtful, but if it does indeed go forward, Disney’s hoping to keep the budget down to under $200 million, which the Reporter tells us is “a goal the studio is unlikely to meet.”