The Trial and Error of Metallica’s Through the Never

Metallica’s concert film, Through the Never, is not your typical rock n roll flick. Like Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same, it has a dramatic narrative that weaves its way in and out of the concert footage. Never was also shot in IMAX 3D, and will have the biggest opening for an IMAX movie in the technology’s history. 

By the time you read this, Never will have made its world-wide debut at the Toronto Film Festival, and as bassist Robert Trujillo told, it was indeed a case of “trial and error. We felt that the missing ingredient was obvious to us and it was some sort of narrative. There needed to be something that co-existed with the music, so it goes beyond just another concert performance.”

As with their music career, Metallica have sunk their own money into making this movie, just like they fund their own albums, so they can have complete control. Having seen the trailers for Through the Never, it looks like they may have indeed pulled off their goal of creating something unique in the annals of rock movies.

Never will be hitting IMAX theaters on September 27, and will be spreading out to more theaters on October 4. The soundtrack for Never, which will be a two CD set and will also be available in digital downloads as well as vinyl, will be released through the band’s label, Blackened Recordings, on September 24.