Keanu Reeves is highly underrated

People should stop ragging on Keanu. He is a talented, sincere guy who may be on his way to becoming a great action director. We submit the trailer for Man of Tai Chi. This is not your geezers in a park Tai Chi.

Keanu Reeves has done some pretty cool movies in his time: River’s Edge (86), Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (89), My Own Private Idaho (91), Point Break (91), Speed (94), The Matrix trilogy (99, 03), A Scanner Darkly (06), and now, Man of Tai Chi (13), his directorial debut. This guy has been a part and parcel of some seminal movies: Speed and The Matrix both changed the face of their respective genres and have been repeatedly emulated and copied. Not to great effect, either. Keanu owns those movies, with a little help from Sandra Bullock and Larry Fishburne, of course.

He also produced Side by Side, a documentary that took an in-depth look at the revolution in digital film processes. Keanu interviewed luminaries from Martin Scorsese through to James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez. He explores all aspects of filmmaking — from capture to edit, visual effects to color correction, distribution to archive. He explores what has been gained, what is lost, and what the future might bring. The guy is deep. Find it and watch it for yourselves. It’s a pretty cool piece of work. Hence, Keanu is a pretty sincere guy.

In Man of Tai Chi, well, judge for yourself from this trailer. We love you, Keanu. Haters can suck it.