Ubisoft Plotting Their Big Move Into Movies

We at TGD have said it many times before, we’ll say it again: Video game movies suck. We’re hoping one day some brave filmmaker will reverse the trend, and the upcoming World of Warcraft movie certainly has promise, not to mention the Halo webisodes are pretty cool too. 

As we’ve reported before on TGD, Ubisoft wants to get into the movie business as well, and they want to keep everything in house, developing the big screen adaptations of their games themselves. Ubisoft has now told Variety that they could possibly break the bad video game movie spell with Splinter Cell. 

Tom Hardy is currently attached in the lead for Splinter Cell, and Ubisoft wants to avoid what happened when they gave up control of Prince of Persia, which was a big box office bust. 

As one Ubisoft exec told Variety, “We wanted to be able to maintain creative control of our franchises. We wanted to be in a situation where we’re not making mainstream movies, but movies that can respect the DNA of our game franchises.”

So could this work out? We’re hoping, because we’d love to see a video game movie done right one of these days. There’s a lot of potential to bring two incredible mediums together – games and cinema – and we’re of the opinion it could open up a lot of new doors for storytelling as well as technology.