Is Will Smith Willing to Go Back to ID4?

It was announced some time ago that there will be two sequels to Independence Day that will go under the moniker ID Forever. Then there were reports going around that Will Smith’s asking price for the sequels was $50 million, or $25 million each. 

Finally, word came down that Big Willie won’t be doing the next ID4 movies, which leaves a big, gaping hole in the franchise, no matter how many members of the ensemble cast come back. Now Vulture tells us this could be changing and that Smith could soon be meeting with the ID4 powers that be to talk it out.

Perhaps Smith has a renewed sense of reality after the disaster of After Earth, and as Vulture and Digital Spy tell us, there may indeed be some glimmer of hope he’ll be back. Roland Emmerich has said, “It’s changing every month. I sometimes say no, Will Smith will not be in it because he didn’t want to do it at first. Now we kind of have a meeting planned, where we want to talk about it again, so anything can happen.” 

It still remains to be seen if today’s generation will be back in force to support more ID4. We at TGD are certainly big fans of the original, and we’re definitely open minded about seeing more of it down the road. Will Smith’s career could also use a boost these days, so maybe he’ll clear his schedule to help protect the universe.