Transformers 4 Will Have the Dinobots

He swore up and down he’d never go back, but director Michael Bay is indeed making Transformers 4, starring Mark Wahlberg. Now word has come down the next installment will have the Dinobots, which should thrill Transformers fans to no end.


Collider reports that the next Transformers film will be entitled Transformers: Age of Extinction, and it has a release date of June 27, 2014. Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has confirmed that the Dinobots will be aboard, and the subtitle clearly refers to them.

The Dinobots are Autobots, and the Dino gang includes Grimlock, who’s a T-Rex, Slag, a Triceratops, Sludge, an Apatosaurus, Snarl, a Stegosaurus, and Swoop, a pterodactyl. One can only imagine what bringing the Transformers together with giant, robotic dinosaurs will be like. In short, we think this will absolutely be geek nirvana. 

So many of us loved playing with Transfomrers, Tonka trucks, and dinosaurs when we were kids, and bringing aboard the Dinobots to the next Transformers flick should be enormous fun when it hits theaters next summer.