Firefly is Returning as a Graphic Novel

Firefly has a huge cult following today, but what bewilders us at TGD is the Browncoat fanbase couldn’t keep the show alive when it was first on TV back in 2002, and the Browncoats weren’t there when it hit the big screen with Serenity either. 

Still, fans have been clamoring for a Firefly resurrection, but Joss Whedon’s going to be busy with Avengers 2 for the next two years. Whedon certainly hasn’t closed the door on going back to Firefly, he’s just not returning to it any time soon. Yet Firefly is apparently returning in the graphic novel form, which could be a great way to keep the saga going.

As Giant Freakin Robot tells us about the upcoming graphic novel, the publishers are Dark Horse, and as the company said in a statement, “Joss Whedon’s beloved Firefly series and Serenity film’s lifespan may have been short-lived, but managed to produce one of the most dedicated fanbases in the history of modern science fiction. Dark Horse is proud to be able to keep Mal and his crew flying with new comics and products. Look for the hastag #WheresSerenity over the next few months on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages for exclusive news on the future of the franchise at Dark Horse!” 

There’s also a Firefly board game you can order on Amazon, and Giant Freakin Robot wrote it’s “the game will leave you anything but board.” In addition, Robot dropped another nice hint, that a video game would be cool too, and hopefully all this stuff could help bridge the gap until the show returns one day.