No Doctor Who For Peter Jackson

It was reported some time ago that Peter Jackson facetiously offered to direct an episode of Doctor Who. Jackson, an A-list filmmaker who can command tens of millions of dollars to direct a feature, claimed all he wanted to helm a Doctor Who episode was a Tardis, which is a hell of a bargain if you ask us.


Well, as Deadline tells us, there’s no truth to the rumor that Jackson was going to direct a Doctor Who, although it’s certainly nice to imagine a Doctor Who directed by the New Zealand fanboy made good. 

Being a true fanboy at heart, Jackson is a big fan of the show, and what self-respecting geek isn’t? Deadline tells us that Jackson has “an open-ended invitation” to direct an episode if his schedule permits, but of course he has two more Hobbit movies to wrap up before that can happen. 

Still, it would be nice to see him squeeze in a Doctor Who episode in his free time, and he did offer to practically do it for free. So with Doctor Who getting a new start with a new Doctor this year, here’s hoping the planets will some day align and Jackson will fulfill one of the ultimate fanboy fantasies, giving us a great Doctor Who episode for the ages. He’d also be a great choice if they ever decide to make a Doctor Who movie. No pressure, just thought we’d float the idea, and when you win the Academy Award, please remember to thank TGD.