Jurassic Park Now a Billion Dollar Baby Thanks to 3D

Long time readers of TGD know we’re big fans of Jurassic Park. The movie just hit its 20th anniversary this summer, and it was great to see that it still holds up pretty well after all this time. If you’re a fan of technology, Jurassic Park was also a major game changer for FX, ushering in the era of CG. 


Jurassic Park was a big money winner, the biggest in cinema history at the time, beating out Spielberg’s previous record with E.T. Now Jurassic is in the billion dollar club, thanks to the help of its 3D re-release. As the Wrap reports, the re-release of Jurassic this year brought in another $65 million, and this took it from $970 million to $1.03 billion. 

While we’re all sick to death of 3D, as well as movies being converted to 3D, Jurassic Park was actually a very logical choice to convert to three dimensions. And again, the film was very well received again by audiences and critics, although many felt the 3D conversion was little more than a gimmick that didn’t enhance the film much.

So Jurassic Park has stood the test of time, unlike the dinosaurs themselves, and whether you saw it in 3D or flatscreen, it’s still an epic blockbuster that’s great fun after all these years. (If you hate 3D, you can also look at it from the POV that even a 3D conversion couldn’t ruin it.)