Metallica’s 3D Epic Is Nearly Here

Metallica have taken a lot of big risks in their career, and coming September 27, they’re going to take one of the biggest with Through the Never. Never is a feature length concert film that was shot in Imax 3D, and like Led Zeppelin’s Song Remains the Same, it will have a dramatic narrative weaving in and out of the live footage.


Through the Never will have the biggest Imax opening of any movie in history, not to mention Metallica’s dropped $20 million of their money into the film. Again, very risky proposition, but considering the band’s rabid fan base, it should definitely pay off. 

Now, the CNN of metal news, tells us that Through the Never will be having its world premiere on September 9 at the Toronto Film Festival. Through the Never will have its Imax release on September 27, a one week engagement, and then it will have a wider release on October 4. 

Dane DeHaan, who plays the lead role in the narrative part of the film, told Collider that Through the Never is “unlike anything that I’ve ever seen before; it’s almost like a concert movie meets The Wall meets Metallica.” 

Having seen the trailer for Through the Never, it looks pretty amazing, and we’re hoping this could be the concert film that brings the rock movie back. It’s certainly long overdue, and we’d love to see Metallica lead the charge.