Will the Sinister Six Figure Into Spider-Man’s Future?

When Sam Raimi left the Spider-Man series, instead of making Spider-Man 4, the powers that be decided it would be a better idea to reboot the guy, which they did with Andrew Garfield. Now the next Spider-Man is currently shooting, with Jamie Foxx playing the villain Electro, and Paul Giamatti playing the Rhino.


We reported some time ago on TGD that Marvel executive Ari Arad would love to do a Sinister Six movie one day, and with superhero teams being the hot thing right now after the success of The Avengers, why not make a film about a group of super villains? In fact, as we’ve also reported here on TGD, Guillermo Del Toro’s working on a darker superhero team movie that will include Swamp Thing, Constantine, the Demon, and more.

So how did the speculation start on the net about the Sinister Six? Collider ran a photo from the film that is not an action packed battle scene, but Ari Arad relaxing on the set. The soundstage door behind him has a big number 6 on it, and above it, someone wrote SINISTER in big red letters. 

By the way, for those who aren’t superhero inclined, the Sinister Six were led by Doc Ock, and they include Vulture, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, and Sandman. Green Goblin, Doctor Doom, and the Lizard were also invited to join, but they passed. 

While it would probably be pretty hard to cram the Sinister Six into the next Spider-Man without anyone knowing about it, maybe this could be a hint to an upcoming battle with the evil sextet sometime in the near future. We at TGD feel too many villains can ruin a superhero movie, but perhaps it could be a lot of fun to see Spider-Man trying to battle more than he can handle at once. 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters May 2, 2014.