Edgar Wright Makes Armageddon Fun With The World’s End

Edgar Wright, the man who gave us Shaun of the Dead, is just about back with The  World’s End, his new comedy, and word on the street is it’s good stuff. It’s also funny to think that we’ve had a number of Armageddon comedies in recent memory, like This is the End, because who knew the end of the world could be so funny? 


As Wright told CBC, the film is “about growing up and moving forward” as well as “the dangers of perpetual adolescence.” Yes, wrapped up in a comedy about the end of the world are some messages. “You give the audience a chocolate bar,” Wright continued. “But you haven’t told them it’s dark chocolate with chili inside it.” 

Indiewire feels that with The World’s End, Wright has “completed a trilogy made up of equally excellent parts,” and Wright said, “We’re very proud of the movie.” Wright is also up to direct Ant-Man, which is part of Marvel’s Phase Two of big screen comic adaptations, and there’s a rumor that Simon Pegg may play the title role.

Wright told Indie, “There’s not much to say about Ant-Man because I haven’t started it yet. But I would love to do another film with Simon and Nick Frost.” Will the Wright gang all come along for his big Marvel superhero film? Would be an interesting coda to the end of the world, no?