Some Thoughts On jOBS iBOMBING

We at TGD have been following the news on jOBS for a while, practically since it was announced, and reaction to the movie has been middling to mixed at best. The most recent batch of reviews haven’t been especially stellar, and the box office has been dreadful.


Headlines making the easy joke about jOBS being an iFLOP are everywhere, and the headline on Deadline tells us simply “Jobs’ Biopic Dies.” As Nikki Finke reports, the film went down the toilet in wide release, which in this case is 2,381 theaters, and it came in seventh place on the top ten list. The movie also got a feeble 24% positive on Rotten Tomatoes.

Steve Wozniak, who’s been openly critical of the film, finally saw the whole enchilada, and told USA Today, “I thought the acting throughout was good. I was attentive and entertained but not greatly enough to recommend the movie.” 

Still, all may not be lost. Even if jOBS is an artistic failure, it only cost $12 million to make, and it should earn its money back very easily, it’s just a shame that the first movie about Jobs had to be a dud. Will the planned Aaron Sorkin biopic get the job done right? We certainly hope so, but Job’s legacy will always be secure, and the endless horror stories of his bad behavior, along with a mediocre biopic, will never put a dent in anything he accomplished.