On the Eve of jOBS

The Steve Jobs biopic jOBS is just about in theaters, and while it’s gotten mediocre to decent reviews, the public will ultimately decide whether this retelling of Jobs’s life makes the grade or not. In all likelihood, this won’t be the last biopic of Jobs because Sony secured the rights to his life story right after he passed away, with Aaron Sorkin (A Few Good Men) writing the screenplay. (No one has been selected to direct or star in the film as of yet.) 


Anyone who tries to create a responsible biopic will tell you there’s a tremendous responsibility to accurately recreate somebody’s life. The public will ultimately have to decide if the movie jOBS succeeds, but the cast of the film told the Hollywood Reporter there was definitely pressure when it came to recreating Steve’s life. 

Ashton Kutcher, who plays Jobs, told the Reporter the people on Steve’s original Mac team thanked him for “two more hours of Steve,” and the director of jOBS, Joshua Michael Stern, also said that Jobs “started by tinkering in a garage with a bunch of friends. That could be anybody in America watching this film. I hope it inspires people.” 

With the other big pimpy biopic of Jobs in the works at Sony, director Stern acknowledged there’s much more to the story to tell. As we at TGD have always maintained, the complex life and personality of Jobs couldn’t possibly be captured in just one film, and we’re looking forward to seeing the life of Jobs through the prism of Aaron Sorkin down the road.