World War Z Is Finally a Winner

Along with the Lone Ranger, no movie had worse buzz than World War Z, and the press had a field day with reports of the third act having to be redone from scratch, budget over-runs reaching the moon, and reported fighting between Brad Pitt and director Marc Foster.


While World War Z hasn’t proven the doubters wrong on the level of say, Titanic, according to the Hollywood Reporter it is now officially Brad Pitt’s biggest grossing film. As the Reporter tells us, World War Z has pulled in over $500 million world-wide, and this definitely makes the undead epic Pitt’s biggest movie yet. 

Deadline has reported that Z could still be a ways away from making a profit, but it was somewhat able to overcome deathly buzz and do alright with audiences and critics. (The reviews haven’t all been raves, but Z has also dodged a bullet in this regard as well.) 

So it looks like in a summer full of box office disasters, World War Z may indeed ultimately prove to be a survivor of what’s shaping up to be one of the worst movie going seasons in recent memory. It won’t stop the current box office hemorrhaging in Hollywood, but at least this won’t be the disaster that singlehandedly ends the zombie trend. (As long as The Walking Dead is on top in the ratings, we’ll have to keep putting up with the undead for a while.)