The Original Vision of Star Wars Coming This Fall

One of the reasons it was so hard to get Star Wars made was it made no sense on paper. Star Wars is such a visual story, it was hard to get it to work in screenplay form, which is why many involved in the film really didn’t know what they had until they saw the finished product.


The Star Wars Lucas first wrote back in 1974 would have been a pretty wild movie as George first envisioned it, and now we can see his original vision in the graphic novel form. As Variety tells us, Dark Horse is publishing an eight issue series of the original Star Wars screenplay based on Lucas’s early screenplay draft. 

In this version of the story Han Solo is a lizard, Luke Skywalker is older and a Jedi general, and there’s also Annikin Starkiller, as well as “lazer swords,” which later became the light sabers. 

This graphic novel series is not only based on Lucas’s early draft of the script, but also the early designs of the characters, which we’ve seen in previous Star Wars books. While we love how the original Star Wars finally turned out, it should be fascinating to see how Lucas’s legendary space opera could have looked, thankfully without Lucas redoing it with CGI years after the fact. 

Variety also reports that this comic series will begin in September, with an issue coming out once a month until April 2014. Then the entire series will come out as a hardcover book in June 2014, with a trade paperback edition soon to follow after.