Filmmaker pretends to read TG Daily: we screen his oeuvre anyhow

Oh, Adam Marisett, you hustler, you. We were so taken with your email of love for TGD that we decided to highlight your, ironically enough, well made, special effects laden, short movie, AMP. You owe us, buddy.

Animator Adam Marisett sent us this email:

I’m an animator by trade, worked on a few movies in the past few years, Iron Man 1,2,3, Thor, District 9, Enders game, and Elysium to name a few.

This is my first effort as a director. I recently added your site to my morning coffee blog browse and thought my short would be a good fit for your site.

We had a budget just under 10,000 and shot the whole thing in 2 days. I then spent a good year and half doing the VFX in my apartment..

Here’s the synopsis:

10 years after leaving a war his father started, Quinn and Amp live in the slums selling illegal custom-tech just to afford the batteries that keep Amp alive.

When an old childhood friend tracks him down, Quinn is confronted with the dilemma of choosing to remain idle in a city run by the corrupt Coreley Corporation or finally finish the war he never wanted to be a part of.

At any rate, here’s the link. It just got “Short of the Week” on Vimeo!

I just want people to see it. I think it’s pretty fun, but of course..I’m biased.

We know that Adam cannot be reading TGD during his morning coffee unless coffee is Canadian for crack. Our audience don’t roll that way, Adam, buddy, pal.

So, screw it. Here’s Adam’s short movie. It is pretty good for someone who works behind a dumpster (seemingly).


AMP from Triton Films on Vimeo.