Bill and Ted Soon to Return?

While it’s all fine and dandy that we’re going to have another Star Wars movie two years from now, what we’re really excited about here at TGD is the possibility of another Bill and Ted film. Everyone’s onboard to come back, including Keanu Reeves, which excites us to no end. 


Giant Freakin Robot reminds us that Alex Winter first broke the news about a third Bill and Ted a year and a half ago, with Dean Parisot, the director of Galaxy Quest, onboard to helm the movie. As Reeves just said at the Television Critics Association, he’s still onboard, and “very excited about doing another Bill and Ted. “There have been a couple of drafts and right now we’re waiting on the writers to come up with another draft. But we’re all very excited.” 

So are we in fact. Even with Keanu successfully moving past Bill and Ted with Speed and The Matrix, it’s good to know he hasn’t forgotten the legendary dude role we all love him in. Reeves also gave away the basic plot for the next Bill and Ted in GQ magazine. 

If the third Bill and Ted gets made, the boys will still be trying to write the greatest song in the world after twenty years, and there are also apparently similarities to Hot Tub Time Machine this time as well. 

We indeed hope the next Bill and Ted will make it to the big screen, and stay tuned to TGD for any new developments.