Could Led Zeppelin Reunite Via Holograms?

For the last time people, how many times do we need to keep saying it, there will never be a Led Zeppelin or Guns N Roses reunion in a million years. Even Bill Clinton couldn’t convince Zeppelin to come back together for a Hurricane Sandy benefit. 


Still, there’s always the hope that our favorite artists could return as holograms. There was the Tupac hologram that appeared at Coachella, and there was a hologram Elvis in the works too. Next on the list could be John Bonham, whose death effectively shut Led Zeppelin down in 1980.

As Vulture reports, John’s son, drummer Jason Bonham, has been touring as Led Zeppelin Experience, and he wants to play with a hologram of his father. “I’m talking to people about holograms and my dream is to do the hologram drum solo with dad next to me,” Jason said. 

Yet as Vulture points out, there’s not a lot of quality footage of Zeppelin around to draw from. Zeppelin didn’t appear on TV much because the equipment then couldn’t properly capture their sound and volume, and there isn’t much live footage out there other than the Song Remains the Same movie, and the concerts on the How the West Was Won package. 

We’ll have to see if something like this could ever come together, and how the fans will react to it. Maybe we’ll come to a day where holograms could keep a band going long after we’re all gone. Maybe in the future we’ll be used to this kind of thing, or maybe we’ll finally perfect cloning and won’t have to worry about reviving anyone for one more reunion tour.