Pacific Rim is a Big Hit in China

We just reported on TGD that there may indeed be a sequel to Pacific Rim, but it’s all contingent on how the movie does in China. The American film market greatly depends on the Chinese box office, because movies cost so much these days, you can’t break even without a big world-wide take.


Well apparently Pacific Rim is doing very well in China, and it may spark plans for a sequel. As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, it may not stop the movie from losing money, and $9 million is chump change by US standards, but for China this is a huge opening, the biggest for Warner Brothers yet. 

In fact, The Wrap informs us that Pacific Rim had a bigger opening in China than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. So does mean we could eventually have a Pacific Rim sequel? 

So far, Pacific Rim has made $240 million worldwide, but the movie cost an estimated $200 million, and cost $175 million to market, so it has a way to go before it makes a dollar in profit. The China opening was definitely a big test, but DVD, BluRay and Streaming may ultimately be the final decider as to whether there will be more Pacific Rim movies or not.