Chicks Dig Videogames (Cool)

It used to be if you liked geek stuff, you didn’t have much of a shot at meeting women with similar interests. Back in the day, chicks just didn’t dig stuff like video games, Lord of the Rings, horror movies, Transformers, etc. We geeks just knew this was the way it was, and we weren’t going to give up our love of Star Trek and Dungeons and Dragons to conform and fit in (and hopefully get a date). 


Yet now there may be more women than ever into games than ever (in fact, a recent Playboy centerfold, Pamela Horton, is a confessed gamer). As Variety and the Entertainment Software Association, 45% of all gamers are women, which is quite a big number, and 31% of them are over 18. (The average age of gamers who buy games frequently is 35.)

The other stats uncovered is the average age of gamers is 30 years old and has been a gamer for 13 years, which dates back to when gaming had a big comeback. It’s also estimated that 58% of Americans play video games, 51% of American homes have a gaming console, which 36% of gamers play via smartphone, 25% play via a wireless device. 

The big number of all this is that last year gamers dropped close to $21 billion on games and hardware last year. This shows that gaming is no longer kids stuff, and has crossed over to women as well. It’s been said that women have been getting progressively more into geek stuff, and it’s nice to see that things like video games are no longer exclusively a boys club.