Call of Duty Ghosts Ready To Rule the Fall

While the video game market has endured a lot of ups and downs, it had a remarkable late inning victory last year with the phenomenal success of Call of Duty: Black Ops, and the latest installment of Halo. Now estimates tell us the next installment of Call of Duty, Ghosts, will be the biggest video game of the Fall. 


Variety reports that according to their tracking results, Ghosts, which will be released on November 5, will be a major hit. It’s also not too hard to guess that after the enormous success of Black Ops that the next installment will probably be a blockbuster as well.

We at TGD were also amazed that Call of Duty was even more successful than the latest Halo installment, and it earned a billion in its first fifteen days on the market. As the release date for Ghosts gets closer, we should be able to get a clearer picture on how the next Call of Duty will fare. As Variety points out, a lot of gamers like to pre-order a hot title, and there will be more awareness soon with Activision launching a ton of publicity for it.

Again, the gaming market is unpredictable, but the research company who has been tracking the next Call of Duty numbers, Cowen & Co., claim their predictions have had a 97% accuracy rate. They also predict that Watch Dogs will be the second most successful, with Grand Theft Auto V in third place, followed by Battlefield 4, Killzone: Second Front, Assassin’s Creed IV, Forza Motorsport 5, Diablo III, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Dead Rising 3.