Doctor Who to Celebrate 50 Years in November

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, who is still going incredibly strong after all this time. Now there’s going to be a 50th anniversary special that will not only be in 3D, but it will also be playing simultaneously in 200 countries, thrilling hundreds of millions of Doctor Who fans all at once like an incredible sci-fi harmonic convergence.


As Collider informs us, this special will run on November 23rd, and as the BBC said in a statement, “It’s always been our ambition to work with our broadcast partners so that international Doctor Who fans will enjoy the 50th Anniversary special at the same time as the UK.” The BBC promises “very exciting global plans” for the good doctor’s 50th, including the most current Doctor Whos, David Tennant and Matt Smith, both appearing.

Collider also tells us that they’ll be up against one of the best known Doctor Who foes, The Daleks, and John Hurt (Alien, The Elephant Man) will also be appearing. As Steven Moffat, who is the head writer and executive producer of Who, tells Collider, “The Doctor once said that you can judge a man by the quality of his enemies, so it’s fitting that for this very special episode, he should be facing the greatest enemies of all.” 

The Daleks won’t be the only foe the good Doctor faces; he’ll also go up against the Zygons on this special. So one can only imagine how much Doctor Who fans all over the world must be salivating over this very special anniversary, which everyone will be able to enjoy at the same time everywhere in 3D no less. So we’d like to wish Doctor Who an early happy birthday, and here’s to another fifty great years.