Wolverine Reviews Are In

Some time back, we reported on TGD that the teaser posters for Wolverine were getting stolen all over Los Angeles, and it does indeed have a very arresting image, done in Japanese sumi ink style, because the story takes place in the far east. Now that the movie is coming out this Friday, what’s the word from the critics? 


So far, pretty good. According to The Wrap, it’s gotten 72% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and The Wrap also wrote, “The Wolverine provides a compelling look into a beloved screen character and offers up enough excitement to merit its existence…” USA Today wrote that Wolverine “stays sharp thanks to [Hugh] Jackman,” and Variety writes that “the razor-clawed mutant makes an entertaining and surprisingly existential digression from his usual X-Men exploits.”

Almost every review for Wolverine so far is positive, yet Variety also noted in it’s mostly good review that Wolverine “falls shy of greatness, despite terrific production values, elegant storytelling and a sensational score.” The Hollywood Reporter wrote, “Until a third act that collapses in a harebrained heap, director [James Mangold] largely succeeds in keeping the more cartoonish aspects at bay…” 

So it looks like overall Wolverine’s gotten pretty good reviews, and Variety tells us it’s on track to have a $75-80 million opening weekend at the box office. We’re especially looking forward to the next X-Men movie, X-Men Days of Future Past, where director Bryan Singer returns to the fold, as well as the OG X-Men actors like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. (Wait for the teaser for Days of Future Past at the end.)