Riddick 3 brings Pitch Black writer full circle at Comic Con 2013

At Comic Con, word is there is potential big news coming about Vin Diesel and The Avengers 2. But, in the meantime, we bask in all the gore and glory that is Riddick 3. The frachise gets back on track with a killer red band trailer. 


The last time David Twohy was here was 13 years ago. He’s back with Vin Diesel and the Riddick franchise’ red band trailer proves that pubescent superheroes with angst are really boring. Bald guys with attitude are just plain scary. Admit it.

I have nothing to say but, Yeah! 

I love Riddick. I thought Pitch Black was one of the best movies of the decade. The Chronicles of Riddick wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I had hoped. Riddick 3 is going to take us all back to badassdom with Vin. Vin knows how to do badass better than any lead out there today.

Check out the Red Band trailer for Riddick 3.