Windmill Powered Trains Are Coming

We just reported on TG about how one day soon we’re going to have battery-powered airplanes, much like hybrid cars. They can only fly short distances for the moment, but we will probably be able to go a lot further distances in the near future down, and as long as they can stay up in the air, it’s great that we won’t be wasting so much fuel.


Now as Impact Lab reports, in England they’re working on railways that will be 70% windpowered. This is only in the trail phase at the moment, and this report tells us this could happen via wind turbines that are placed alongside the tracks. Again, if it works, it will be a great way to save energy, and what’s the worst that could happen? You get stalled? At least that won’t happen up in the sky, right? 

This is being funded in part by the Department for Energy and Climate Change, and the wind turbines are being developed by a company called X-Wind Power. This technology being developed, as this report tells us, could be “potentially game changing” not just because of the energy it saves, but because it’s also very quiet as well. 

This project is part of a two-year trial, and there will be further tests in the near future. If this goes over in England, it would also be wonderful to see it happen all over the world, providing inexpensive energy transportation everywhere. And perhaps we’ll indeed see both battery powered airplanes and air powered trains within the next ten years or less. If it helps us save a ton of gas and provide clean energy for the environment, we’re all for it.