The Last of Us is a Big Hit With Gamers

Sine the world was supposed to end last year, we’ve been in love with Armageddon. Actually, we’ve loved it long before then, but these days it seems the public can’t get enough of the world coming to an end, and how the survivors try to make their way through what’s left.


This of course doesn’t just go for movies and novels, but video games as well, which is apparently why The Last of Us is a big hit with gamers. According to IGN, The Last of Us sold over 3.4 million copies in three weeks this June, which makes it the best selling PS3 game of this year. The video game market has been up and down lately, but The Last of Us still has a loyal following that loves it. 

Titles like The Last of Us are considered “survival games,” and Us is considered one of the best of the genre. IGN raved about the game, calling it “a near-perfect analog for The Road, a literary masterpiece written by Cormac McCarthy. Like The Road, The Last of Us is

perpetually dangerous and unpredictable, and it’s the story of the characters at hand, and those characters alone, at the center of both plots.” This is of course what makes Armageddon more digestible: Personalizing it to a handful of people instead of hundreds of potential people that were left alive. 

So why do we love the end of the world so much? Maybe because we’re not experiencing it in real life, and it has to be fascinating to put ourselves in the same position. What would we do if we survived a nuclear war?  Thank God we can play The Last of Us, or watch The Hunger Games or Revolution, and not ever have to know for real.