5 reasons George RR Martin hates men

The self-proclaimed feminist author who sucked us into the Game of Thrones and then kicked us in the nether regions with the Red Wedding has some explainin’ to do.

1. Joffrey. Do we have to say anything else on the subject of the boy king who should have been sliced and diced a long time ago.

2. Ned Stark. Great guy. Would love to have him as a friend, a confidant, and right hand man.  No mercy. Loses head.

3. Khal Drago. What a supreme specimen of manliness. Dies because of a razor cut. You tell me how that is even possible.

4. Tyrion. Smart as a whip. Super cool little guy. Repulses his own dad.

5. Robb Stark. Handsomest man in Westeros. Ever! Wins great battles. Marries for love. Tries to make amends for marrying for love. Gets shafted.

They killed his dog, too. A male, no  less.