Bluestacks Android console has a $129 price tag

Bluestacks has confirmed that GamePop – its upcoming Android console – will carry a price tag of $129, making the device more costly than either the Ouya or GameStick. 

The console allows gamers to use their Android phones or tablets as gamepads/controllers.

As you may recall, the Ouya will be retailing for $100, while the GameStick weighs in at $79.

Bluestacks has also added two new development partners, Intellijoy, which codes popular educational apps for Android, and COM2US, South Korea’s largest game developer.

Although GamePop is more expensive that its above-mentioned rivals, the company will also be offering a $7 month subscription, offering access to over 250 games at launch time.

Plus, GamePop will be offering a free console to those who sign up for the service by the end of June.

The GamePop console remains on track for a launch by the end of 2013.