AMC green lights Line of Site sci-fi series

AMC certainly boasts a respectable lineup of shows on its network roster, including the wildly popular Walking Dead and Mad Men.

Recently, word surfaced that AMC will be adding a new science fiction series to its already impressive portfolio.

Reports indicate the network has green lit a science fiction series currently titled “Line of Site.” The show – apparently set to go into production later this year – is aiming for a fall premiere. Site was created by Blake Masters, who, as you may recall, also envisioned Rubicon and Brotherhood. The series will follow Lewis Bernt, an investigator for the NTSB.

As far as we can tell, Bernt survives a mysterious plane crash and the investigation into what caused the accident becomes a quest for the man. His obsession with solving the mystery behind the plane crash makes him paranoid and his life starts to unravel.

AMC Executive Vice President of original programming, production, digital, Joel Stillerman, said, “Blake Masters has created a world and set of characters that defies the traditional boundaries of drama and sci-fi. It’s got great elements of both genres while also having that unique blend of a conspiracy thriller. It is genuinely unexpected and unconventional.”

This is the second science fiction series that AMC has given the green light to in the last several weeks, having recently approved Ballistic City. The latter show is supposed to be something along the lines of Battlestar Galactica meets Bladerunner. Both of the shows do sound interesting, although frankly, I hope they are aren’t before getting off the ground.