Video: "Hybrids" short is classic sci-fi

Anyone who routinely watches short films or fan made projects on YouTube knows all too well that most end up falling rather short.

Some short films are just plain bizarre, such as the Voice Over clip we discussed a few months ago. However, Hybrids is a science fiction piece that most genre fans will undoubtedly appreciate.

In short, it offers up great acting, fantastic graphics, and a very good story. I could very easily see this being picked up to be turned into a direct to video movie or even a SyFy channel movie. Interestingly, Hybrids originates from Triton Films Inc., a company founded by Gabriel Napora. Some may recognize that name as the producer for none other than  Neil Blomkamp’s 2010 short film that led to the production of the feature-length film District 9.

Indeed, District 9 was critically acclaimed and proved popular at the box office. The director for the short film is Patrick Kalyn, who also happens to have a strong background in visual effects animation. He actually worked on Avatar, King Kong, and District 9, boasting an Emmy for Stargate SG1, which happens to be one of my all-time favorite science fiction television shows.

The actress in the above-mentioned short is Daniela Evangelista who plays a character seeking revenge against the alien invaders who killed her child. The movie is set 352 days after aliens arrived on earth seeking a key, which they believe to be inside the body of a child. Thankfully, Hybrids has impressive animation, in fact I’ve seen much worse on some TV movies recently.