Star Trek Into Darkness: No More Secrets

We’re a month away from Star Trek Into Darkness hitting theaters across the country. This will finally end one of the longest waiting periods for a major blockbuster since The Dark Knight Rises, as JJ Abrams took his time committing to shooting another Star Trek film.

As we also know, this will also end one of the most secretive productions since the last Dark Knight film, as well as every other previous Abrams project. (Just imagine how top secret everything will be when Abrams films the next Star Wars movie). Both Chris Pine, the new Captain Kirk, and Zachary Quinto, the new Spock, will finally be seeing Into Darkness all completed and done this Friday, and as Quinto told MTV, “The good news is we’re about two weeks away from being able to actually talk about it.”

Pine also made an interesting comment, saying, “It’ll be nice not to have to lie anymore.” Makes you wonder, what did they lie about to the public about? The true identity of the villain? Oh jeez, sorry, didn’t mean to stir up that hornet’s nest again, but we do appreciate the fact that we haven’t seen the entire movie in the trailers, like we see with so many films these days. 

As Quinto further elaborated to Collider, “I’m really thrilled to just be able to get out in front of the movie, share it with people, and not have to evade, dodge and come up with creative answers we’ve been asked every time…I’ve seen enough of (the movie) to know that I’m excited to see the whole thing.” 

He also added that working in IMAX, the cameras were “complicated machines, but they’re complicated because they’re so impressive. They can be temperamental, they’re loud, they’re big. I think the Imax 3D element is going to be a cool addition. I can’t really imagine a universe that suits itself more to 3D than the Star Trek universe. Even just warp speed alone in 3D is going to be very satisfying to me.” 

We’re hoping that we’ll soon see some official reviews for Into Darkness, and it’s always fun to wait for that verdict to finally come in. Considering how long we’ve been covering the new Trek film, it’s been quite a cliffhanger waiting to see if it was all worth the wait, so as soon as first word gets in, we’ll report it right here on TG