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And the most anticipated genre movie of the summer is…

This is going to be a great summer for genre fans. Spring’s already gotten off to a great start with Jurassic Park 3D and the Evil Dead remake, and we also have Oblivion, Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, After Earth, Man of Steel, World War Z, Pacific Rim, The Wolverine, and more to come.

With this much action lined up, what is the most anticipated movie of the summer?

If you ask me, for whatever it’s worth, I’d have to say it’s a tie between Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel. However, Fandango, the ticket buying site, has weighed in on this, and according to them, the most anticipated movie of the summer is…

Iron Man 3. So how did they come to this conclusion? As The Wrap reports, Fandango had a survey of 4,000 moviegoers, and apparently Iron Man 3 came out on top along with Trek, The Great Gatsby, Fast and Furious 6 and The Hangover 3. (Well, there’s no accounting for taste on the last two…) Oddly enough, this leaves out World War Z and The Lone Ranger, both big budget flicks with a lot to prove, as well as a lot to lose, as they both have to overcome negative press about their runaway budgets and schedules. 

The demand for Iron Man 3 definitely can attribute some of its heat coming off the success of The Avengers, but the third Tony Stark film also has a lot to prove because the second movie wasn’t that great, and this is the first time there will be a new director at the helm, Lethal Weapon screenwriter Shane Black. 

While there’s big anticipation for Star Trek, no one’s actually seen it yet, so no word on the street so far, and Man of Steel has developed good buzz among the geeks, but it may take time for that to seep down to the general public. 

It’s also important to remember this is a poll of 4,000 people, not 4 million, so don’t take it as the final arbiter of what will succeed or fail this summer. There should be a lot of good movies to enjoy and awe, and if Iron Man 3 is a winner, it should hopefully kick things off in fine style.