An untimely end for Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Bad news for fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Yes, the Lucasfilm animation team responsible for storylines and the creation of the series has been disbanded, as the show won’t be returning for a sixth season.

As you may recall, rumors of an alleged cancellation began circulating several weeks ago.

However, show runners had previously pledged some sort of (unspecified) bonus content that many believed would help wrap up some of the outstanding storylines from the series.

However, reports now indicate that fans of the animated series shouldn’t be expecting all of those outstanding storylines to be wrapped up neatly, which would effectively provide much-needed closure for fans.

Indeed, the bonus content will apparently only include two story arcs originally planned for the canceled sixth season of the series. At this point, it’s unclear which storylines the bonus content will cover – and if it will allow fans to learn the fate of Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventress.

Employees of Lucasfilm Animation are currently being let go or reassigned to other projects. GiantFreakinRobot reports that the very future of Lucasfilm Animation itself is unknown at this point. Layoffs at Lucasfilm are part of overall restructuring within the company in the wake of the purchase by Disney and a new focus on Star Wars episode VII.

It’s interesting that the series has been completely canceled when only a few months ago The Clone Wars celebrated its 100th episode. Clearly, Disney is focusing on its own animated content.