Could Kickstarter help resurrect Terminator – the Sarah Connor Chronicles?

Last week the ‘Net was all abuzz about the resurrection of Veronica Mars, courtesy of Kickstarter.

Right after the news broke, many fans were speculating what other shows Kickstarter could potentially bring back, including Joss Whedon’s Firefly. Whedon would love to do a reunion too, but he’s going to be pretty busy with Avengers 2 for the next two years.

Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me to eventually see a report like this about X-Files because David Duchovny has publically made it known he’d love to come back for another go-round as Mulder. Yet with many of these series, we don’t think money is the issue, because if somebody wants them back bad enough, the check will be written. 

The latest show creator to chime in is Josh Friedman, who gave us the acclaimed and short lived sci-fi series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. As Giant Freakin Robot tells us, Friedman recently tweeted about how the potential of Kickstarter bring Sarah Connor back as a movie, but there’s a lot of complications that make it unlikely. 

As one Friedman tweet told us, “All u asking about a TSCC kickstarter…rights situation, budget necessities, motivation of corporate entities make it HIGHLY unlikely.” In another tweet he added, “Appreciate the emails/tweets, etc. But VM [is] a very different deal. Again, thx for loving the show. But I think what y got is what you got.”

What these shows really need is a huge fan campaign to let the powers that be know that the world would want it back. We’re talking tens of thousands of people writing in at least, if not more, to get people to listen up and bring a great show back. Then again, in Hollywood money definitely talks, and in the case of Veronica Mars, the fans showed they meant business by putting down their hard earned cash to resurrect the show.

It remains to be seen if Kickstarter could be the hope and salvation of many shows that deserve a second chance. Will Veronica Mars be an anomaly, or will it show the world that the fans are willing to plunk down their cash to help bring a favorite show back? Only time will tell with this, but never underestimate the power of the fans. Remember the campaigns that kept The Twilight Zone, Star Trek and Cagney and Lacey on the air, and all were without the help of Kickstarter.