VR version of Team Fortress 2 headed to Oculus Rift

Team Fortress 2 is headed to Oculus Rift, although Doom 3 BFG won’t be making an appearance in Oculus dev kits. 

According to Valve, TF2 will be updated with a new “experimental virtual reality mode” later this week and should be Oculus ready when the device finally ships.

“When we first played an early version of Virtual Reality mode in Team Fortress we were blown away by the immersion we experienced. VR is just getting started, but it is going to have a big impact on gaming,” Valve dev Joe Lugwig explained in a statement quoted by Neoseeker.

“This update will let us share that experience with more of the Team Fortress community.”

In addition to Team Fortress 2, the Oculus Rift team is currently working with Adhesive Games to get HAWKEN’s virtual reality support running.

As TG Daily previously reported, Oculus Rift, which made its Kickstarter debut this past summer, can best be described as a Virtual Boy for the 21st century, with a diagonal field view of 110 degrees, 3D panoramic viewing functionality, and a strap that allows the device to fit freely on the player’s head, bringing him or her truly into the experience.

John Carmack of id Software, Gabe Newell of Valve, and Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games have all come forward to support the project. You honestly couldn’t ask for a better stamp of approval than that.