Resident Evil 6 hits theaters in 2014

Resident Evil movies many not be the most beloved films in the world, even by video game movie standards.

But they still keep hitting theaters, and they certainly keep making a bunch of money, which means there will be more to come down the road. In fact, word just got out that director Paul WS Anderson is onboard to bring Resident Evil 6 to the big screen.

The last Resident Evil movie cost $65 million, and made $221 million, which isn’t Avengers level money, but certainly it’s good enough to give another movie the green-light. You’d think people would be tired of the Evil series by now, but the fans keep coming, and the franchise is showing no signs of slowing down. 

The sixth installment of the Resident Evil game received mix reviews, but the movie franchise is clearly its own entity, and there are certainly fans of the movies who have never played the game who come out to the flicks. 

So what’s the latest on the Resident Evil 6 movie? According to Joystiq, the movie is due next year on September 12, 2014, and it’s going to start shooting this fall. Milla Jovovich, who is also married to Anderson, will of course be back on board, as will Michelle Rodriguez. 

As reports tell us, nobody has any story details yet, and the movie doesn’t have a subtitle yet either, but that should come together soon considering the next Evil has a fall start date. You would also think by now that audiences would be tired of the whole zombie thing, but with the incredible success of Walking Dead, and the strong reviews for the Evil Dead remake, we’re going to be dealing with the undead for quite some time to come.

Whatever you think of the Resident Evil games and movies, it was a major groundbreaker for horror and video games in its time. There may never be any great reinvention of the Resident Evil movies, but fans apparently love them as is, so what the hell? If you dig Evil, Resident Evil that is, look for more to come next September.